Terms of privacy

1. On account user (account): When you register for an account, you should provide full information of name, address, phone, ID number ... This is not the required information, but when there are risks, losses later, we only accept these cases properly and fully fill the above information. Cases filled lack of information or false information will not be solved. This information will be used as a basis to support the resolution.

2. If you provide any information that untruthful or inaccurate, or if we have reasons to suspect that such information is not true information or inaccurate, we may stop only temporarily to verify or termination the use of your Account and refuse all use of the Service (or any part of the Service) at the present time or later without incurring any liability liability for you.

3. The password for the account (account password): In account management, for an account, players will have a password and a game code (password level 2 previously). Password used to log into the game and the website. Game codes are used for functions in some games or used to retrieve the password. Players have a responsibility to yourself to preserve the password and code the game, if the game password or code leaked out in any form, we will not be responsible for any losses incurred.

4. Character (character): With an account can create multiple characters to play in the game. When creating your character, you must comply with the naming guidelines have been published on the website of the game.

5. Absolutely not use any program, tool or other means to interfere or alter game play normal results (hacks, cheats, bots ...). All violations being detected will be dealt with according to law.

6. strictly forbidden to distribute, disseminate or cheer for any activity aimed at intervention, sabotage or data enters the game as well as server systems.

7. Not to have any act aimed at illegal logging or find illegal logging as well as causing damage to the host system of the game. All of these acts are considered as acts of destruction of property of others, and will take away all rights to the game and will be prosecuted under the law if necessary.

8. Do not accept the sale of items or accounts of the game with real money or cash in and out of games. In case the user violates the terms of this, we do not have any responsibility in the restoration of objects or characters. Also, if the discovery of the offending accounts we will lock your account permanently.

9. When you communicate with other players, you are not harassment, verbal abuse, annoy, or any lack of cultural behavior toward any other player.

10. Absolutely prohibit insult, ridicule another person under any form (ridicule, disparage, religious discrimination, gender, ethnicity ....).

11. Absolutely prohibit any acts or deliberately impersonating another person mistaking himself as a player in the game. All violations will be handled or stripped accounts.

12. We we will not responsible for any problems of the system when you install and use the game.

13. Upon detection of violations, such as using cheats, hacks, or other error, we may use the information you provide when registering the account to switch to the Office functions as stipulated settlement under the law.

14. In the case of force majeure, such as short circuit, damaged hardware, software, or due to natural disasters etc. the user must accept losses if any.

15. We reserve the right to remove, repair or alter the data, account information in case he violates the above rules without the consent of the user.

16. Absolutely prohibit any act of propaganda, sabotage and distorting the government, political institutions, and the policies of the state ... In case of detecting, not only deleted the account that we can provide information of that person for the authorities to handle according to law.

17. Absolutely not discuss political issues.

18. None of these behaviors, attitudes harm the reputation of the product as well as gaming company released under any form, method. All violations will be stripped of all rights related to the game or treatment before the law if necessary.

19. We are absolutely not responsible for all transactions within the game. We will not be responsible for any loss, damage or make a complaint regarding the sale or exchange in the game.

20. All personal information will be our customers secure, undisclosed out. We do not sell or exchange this information with any other third parties.

21. As mentioned above, all the registration information of members will be kept confidential, but in case the authorities request, we will be obliged to provide this information to the authorities.

22. strictly forbidden to advertise any other product on the game as well as forum without the consent in writing of We.

23. prohibit organizations forms of betting, gambling or agreements relating to money, cash, in-kind.

24. All violations will be stripped of all rights to the game and will be prosecuted under the law if necessary.

25.Chung I can change, addition or repair this agreement at any time and will be clear on the website as well as forums.

26. We reserve the right to delete the user account if this account is used to log in to any of our products after 30 days of registration.

27. We reserve the right to delete the user account if this account is used to log in to any of our products within 1 (one) year from the time last used.

28. For these accounts or characters locked, according to the complaint resolution process, the Company will only accept We and resolve complaints within 14 days locked.