πŸ‘‘ OPEN NEW SERVER 09 - MU TITANS Version 7.0 πŸ‘‘

πŸ”° We just have opened new Server 09 - Free unbound diamond. Join us <3
πŸ”° OPEN NEW Server - 09 at 18:00 pm (GTM+8) November 01, 2018
πŸ’° We open FREE server of 99.999.999 unbound diamonds. Players can freely exchange Diamonds, buy items and upgrade their powers!

🚩 Here you can freely explore the latest and exclusive version. Comprised of many unique features and enhanced power:
-πŸ’  New Reborn System
-πŸ’  Open New VIP 15
-πŸ’  New Wings 7.0
-πŸ’  Update more 20 Rebirth
-πŸ’  Many new Accessory
-πŸ’  New PET and Fashion in this version
-πŸ’  Festival Event weekly
-πŸ’  Mounts system and Mounts Fashion
-πŸ’  The Savior system
-πŸ’  And many more are waiting for you to explore.........
-πŸ’  GIFTCODE for newbie: NEWBIE666

πŸ‘‰ What are you waiting for? Install game now to discover the latest and exclusive version MU Titans Version 7.0!
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βœ… Wings Fashion: Heart of Cold Flame x4 pcs
βœ… Fashion: Eternal Couples Outfit x4 pcs
βœ… PET: Magma Fist 6 line x1
βœ… 300 Hallow Essence x100
βœ… 100 Contribution x10
βœ… Elemental Stone (60) x500
βœ… Seal of Ascension (100) x2
βœ… Star Essence (3,000) x100
βœ… 30.000.000 Bound Zen
βœ… Gem (10,000) x100
βœ… Condor Feather x5000
βœ… Condor Flame x5000
βœ… Jewel of Bless x300
βœ… Jewel of Soul x300
βœ… Jewel of Creation x300
βœ… Seed Jewel x500
βœ… Jewel of Life x3000

β›” Important:
- Special Gift Code only receive once!
- Each character only uses a Special Gift Code once.
- Each Facebook account receive only once gift code for LIKE and SHARE
- This LIKE SHARE event will expire when we open the next server.

πŸ‘‘ MU TITANS Version 7.0 - Free Diamond πŸ‘‘
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