⚠ MERGE SERVER 07, 08 AND 09


🔰 Merge Server-07, Server-08 and Server-09

🕚 Maintenance time: 0:00 am until 3:30 am (December 15,2018)

📌 Note: (This is important) 

◄1.► Characters who fail 4 Rebirth will be deleted. (delete from 0 Rebirth to lv99 3 Rebirth ) 

◄2.► After merged,all equipment, exp, zen and lock zen, fashion and wings, pet and mount, diamond... will remain the same, no change. 

◄3.► If you have a lot of characters in Server-07, Server-08, Server-09 please delete unnecessary characters.
Because after merge, Server 7>9 only have up to 4 characters.  (Have maximum 4 characters for Server 7>9).

◄4.► Please change character name if you have characters in Server-05, Server-06 have the same character name. 
If you do not change the name of the two characters have the same name, it will lose.

◄5.► After the Server merge, All Guild in Server-05, Server-06 will be deleted.

◄6.► Couple will divorce. 💔

💝 Giftcode merge server 7>9: TTMERGE789
 At 10:00 am (December 15, 2018) you will can use gift code merge!!!
 Deadline get gift code merge at 23:59 pm (December 17,2018)
( Giftcode for only Server 7>9 )

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